Does your money reflect your values ?

Welcome to Faith-Based Investor, where we help you place your faith and values at the center of your financial life.

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Your goals and long-term success

Jay Peroni, CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. Let Jay develop a financial plan to help you retire with confidence.

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A Wide Range

Of Faith-Based Portfolio Solutions

Faith-Based Investor has portfolio solutions for investors at all stages of life – growth, income, aggressive, and conservative strategies to help keep your faith and values at the center of your financial life…

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Hire a Certified Financial Planner™

To take charge of your finances!

Many people assume all financial planners are “certified”, but this is not true. A Certified Financial Planner™ must meet demanding education, experience, ethical requirements, and pass a comprehensive exam.

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Let us help you find investments you can be “proud to own”.



Let us help you create a faith-based financial plan.



Let us analyze your portfolio from a faith-based perspective.



  • Large Cap

    Dueling Duo Portfolio Service Dueling Duos Portfolio (DDP) detects top-ranked large caps with building momentum. We buy them when our signals tell us they are just starting...

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  • Small Cap

    Tomorrow’s Treasures Portfolio Service Tomorrow’s Treasures Portfolio (TTP) pinpoints underfollowed small cap stocks that are well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services. These are companies that are...

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  • Inflation Protection

    PACE-20 Portfolio Service P.A.C.E. 20 Portfolio focuses on the best precious metals, agriculture, commodity, and energy picks across the world. We also add in world dominating companies...

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Why Choose Us?

As a leading independent financial advisor focused on faith-based investing:

  • We work to help you find
    investments you can be
    “proud to own”
  • We work on a fee basis
  • We help you develop a
    customized portfolio

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Faith Based Investor

We are proud to be an independent financial advisor! This means we do NOT sell proprietary products. Being independent allows us access to almost any investment on the market…

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