Proud to Own Investing: How Biblically Responsible Investing Works

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In today’s volatile political environment, there has been a rise in faith-based investing. Over the past few years, investors have been becoming more aware of their investment choices and now many desire to align their money and values.  Why separate the two?

In fact, how we earn, invest, spend, and save our money should line up with who we are as people.  Would you work at a company that opposed your values?  Would you shop at a company that violated your moral compass?   Would you donate money to an organization that fought against your faith?  Why wouldn’t you also apply those same principles to your investment portfolio?

It would be like Batman helping out the Joker…

Or Luke Skywalker working to make Darth Vader stronger…

Or the U.S giving North Korea more nuclear weapons…

You get the point.  We should look to make sure what we support and invest in lines up with our core beliefs, values, and our faith.

Do you have non-negotiable values?

Biblically Responsible Investing is a term that many bible believing Christians seek to incorporate in their investment portfolios:

  • Maybe you are pro-life and want to support companies involved in protecting the sanctity of human life and avoid companies involved in the abortion industry or those that support planned parenthood?
  • Maybe you are pro-family and want to support companies producing and distributing wholesome, family friendly media and entertainment while avoiding companies involved in producing pornography and anti-family entertainment?
  • Maybe you don’t want to support vices like tobacco, alcohol, or gambling and instead yo’d rather invest in companies making organic and non-GMO foods and beverages?
  • Or SOMETHING else?

Finding companies you can be “proud to own” is not just about standing against companies that violate your faith and values, it is more about finding companies that are making the world a better place.

At, we start with over 5,000 publicly traded companies around the world.  We look at their moral and financial fabric and dive deep below the surface using a number of screening mechanisms to help our subscribers find companies that they can be “proud to own”.  This is our “secret sauce” so to speak.

This process has helped us time and time again to discover companies that are poised to both produce good returns and do good in the world.   It doesn’t have to be an “either/or” scenario, you can find companies that line up with your faith and values and get good returns in the process.

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