About Us


We are proud to be an independent financial advisor! This means we do NOT sell proprietary products. Being independent allows us access to almost any investment on the market. More choices equal more options. Our loyalty is to you and we seek to find the best solutions for you and your family.

Faith-Based Approach

We are called to multiply all the God provides, but shouldn’t we also care about where we earn our profits? Not only do we seek great performing investments, we also want to find companies you can be “proud to own”. This means avoiding things like abortion, pornography, gambling, and embryonic stem cell research and seeking companies making a positive difference in our society. We look for investments that meet both your moral and financial criteria!

Comprehensive Planning

We certainly handle investments, but this is just one piece of your financial picture. We also want to examine your retirement and estate plans, tax planning strategies, insurance, business planning, cash flow, and a host of other financial needs you may have.

Strong Customer Service

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we do everything we can to make your transition to Faith-Based Investor as easy and painless as possible. From completing account paperwork, monitoring account status, and setting annual reviews, we do all the legwork for you each step along the way. We strive to exceed all of your expectations and deliver the service and attention you deserve.