At Faith-Based Investor, we combine both moral and financial analysis to uncover companies our subscribers and clients can be “proud to own”.

This starts with a moral inventory. What Christian values are important to you as an investor. How much of your money in your 401Ks, IRAs, mutual funds, and stocks do you want to be profiting from things like:


  • abortion
  • explicit entertainment
  • homosexual activism
  • Embryonic stem cell research
  • Vices like tobacco, alcohol, and gambling

There may be other values important to you as well. You may want to find companies making a difference in this world. Those that are positively impacting our culture or those feeding the poor and helping the sick, or those creating cures for life threatening diseases. Whatever the case, your values are important. Shouldn’t your portfolio reflect those values?

It Shouldn’t End With A Moral Analysis

It is great to have companies in line with your values but we are also called to multiply what has been entrusted to us. As good stewards we have a responsibility to provide for our families and help those less fortunate. We cannot do so if we are not financially stable and need help ourselves. By getting stronger, we can help more people around us. That is where good financial analysis comes into play… Faith-Based investing should combine good moral and financial analysis!

After screening “out” companies that don’t meet our moral criteria, we still have over 6,000 companies to choose! If we can’t find good investment opportunities from among thousands of choices – shame on us! There is no good excuse.

Finding great investment opportunities begins by knowing what you are looking for. Are you an income investor, growth oriented, aggressive, or some combination of these. At Faith-Based Investor, we break down our portfolios into 5 basic strategies:

  • Dueling Duo (Growth/momentum based)
  • All-Weather (balanced, middle of the road approach)
  • Global Income (maximize income)
  • Contrarian (deep value, price is important approach)
  • Tomorrow’s Treasure (aggressive – small and mid sized companies)

As we talk to many investors, many fall into one particular category, but others combine strategies. They may want some lower risk investments in one account and higher risk investments in another account. Whatever the case, a financial analysis is just as important as the moral analysis. Finding out what type of investor is extremely important. Considerations like time frame, risk level, liquidity needs, and investment goals are the starting point for any solid investment portfolio. Let us know if we can help in any way. Call us at (855)644-4401 for a FREE 30 minute portfolio review! Get started today so you can find companies you can be “proud to own”!