We Offer Money Management And Financial Planning Services

Path to Success

Faith Based Investor was created to help you incorporate your faith and values in to your finances. We offer money management services through Folio Institutional and work on a fee basis. We also offer comprehensive financial planning on a hourly or fee basis designed to help you with asset allocation, diversification, risk management, college planning, retirement planning, tax minimization, and estate planning.

Money Management

  • Faith-Based Portfolios screened with your values in mind.
  • Professionally managed for your risk and return preferences
  • Diversification and asset allocation
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • More than 10 portfolio strategies available for investors of all stages of life.

Financial Planning

  • Faith-Based financial planning looking at ten different areas of your financial life
  • Helping you create a roadmap to get from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.
  • Guidance and advice on your investments, retirement, insurances, taxes, and estate.
  • Monitoring and updates to ensure you keep on track
  • Regular meetings to keep up with your busy life
Investment Advisor
Third Party Management

We offer third party money management services for your clients. If you already are on the Folio Institutional platform, we can make our portfolios available for your clients. If you are not yet on Folio’s platform, we can help you get set…

Business Owner
Advice And Guidance

Running a business takes a lot of time and energy, let us take something off your plate! We offer financial planning and money management services for the busy executive and business owners. WHICH RETIREMENT PLAN SUITS YOU?…

Retirement Planning

For those within 5 years, about to retire, or already retired, we offer comprehensive retirement services to help you map out your future. We examine your goals, risk level, income needs, tax situation, and create a customized plan…

Faith-Based Analysis

Want us to analyze your current portfolio from a faith-based perspective? We can take a look at your current investments to see if they up with your financial goals and line up with your faith and values. We use a three step…