Consulting Services


We offer consulting services on an hourly or fee basis designed to help you with portfolio management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, and insurance. Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner professional and can help you map out your future.

Most Financial Advisors sell investments, insurance or other financial products. They either sell you a product or charge you a fee to manage your assets. Our Financial Planning programs work on a flat fee basis. The goal of planning is to have your plan pay for itself! FOR A FREE 30 Minute call to see if planning may be right for you, call us at 866-594-9919.

Over the past 16 years, Jay Peroni has added value to his client’s life. He can help you financial rootsplan and free up time so you can concentrate on what you do best! Often clients earn more than their initial investment over the first three to four months. If you apply the principles Jay teaches, coaching will more than pay for itself within the first year.

Financial Planning is about teaching you new habits and strategies and building strong financial roots! By fully understanding your situation and what you need to do next, Jay can help you set your course in motion!

Immediate Benefits of Financial Planning

Get a handle on debt. Learn good, bad, and ugly uses of debt and how to become financially free!

Develop an income plan to get your money working for you instead of you just working for your money.

Determine if your insurance needs: home owners, auto, life, disability, health, etc are on track.

Develop a wealth building strategy to help you grow, protect, and share your wealth.

Will you be able to retire comfortably? You will receive retirement projections based on your goals for the future, developed with Jay’s help.

Develop short, intermediate, and long-term pools of money to reach your goals faster, with more precision, without sacrificing your principles.

Are you making the right decisions now in order to live the life you want?

Our process involves 6 steps:

Our Approach


Step 1: Identify and prioritize your purpose and passion. You and Jay will discuss your dreams, goals and needs to develop a clear vision of your financial future. You will examine how God uniquely designed you and how you would like to better utilize your time, talent, and treasure.

Step 2: Understand your current financial situation. You and Jay will review important documents like bank and brokerage statements, tax returns, insurance policies and retirement plans. This will enable Jay to see your current point on your journey.

Step 3: Analyze your financial information. Together, you and Jay will work to understand the big picture of your financial situation, and how the different elements may impact each other. You will look at how the ten key areas affect one another.

Step 4: Specific Advice. Jay will provide written and verbal financial coaching advice that align your faith with your goals and needs.

Step 5: Implementation. Once Jay proposes specific financial solutions to help reach your goals, you can take action on your plan.

Step 6: Monitor your progress. Because your goals and needs evolve over time, it is important to track your progress as part of an ongoing process, making adjustments due to personal, legislative and economic changes.

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