Faith-Based Analysis


Want us to analyze your current portfolio from a faith-based perspective? We can take a look at your current investments to see if they up with your financial goals and line up with your faith and values.

We use a three step process that makes up our unique “Proud to Own” investment approach:


1. Avoid companies that violate your faith and values. Some of the types of companies we can avoid include those involved in the abortion industry, those producing explicit entertainment and pornography, those conducting embryonic stem cell and fetal tissue research, companies funding and lobbying for homosexuality, those involved in vices like alcohol, tobacco and gambling, and companies that are abusing the environment.

2. Seek out those companies that complement your faith and values. This involves finding companies: Helping the poor and defenseless; Protecting the sanctity of human life; Producing morally sound entertainment; Finding cures for life threatening diseases; and Improving the society in which we live.

3. Seek companies with strong profit potential. This involves finding companies in analyze solid financial condition that have strong profit potential and/or provide strong cash flows via dividends. Our goal is to find quality companies that stay true to your values AND are profitable! This is not an either /or scenario but rather a winning combination.

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